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Terms of Sale

We offer kids from the following breedings for sale. We prefer not to ship kids but if necessary there is a $100 fee for transport to Nashville airport. Health check, crate and shipping costs are the expense of the buyer. When funds are received, the kid and application for registration are yours. Some A.I. matings may not settle. If a live breeding is necessary you will be notified.

Our herd is certified and accredited TB and Bruc free. CAE and Johnes' tests are done annually. We participate in Linear Appraisal and have been on DHI milk test since 1997.

Our kids are hand raised on pasteurized milk, fresh hay, clean water and lots of special attention. Proper care is necessary for them to reach their ultimate genetic potential. We hope their new owners will care for them properly also.

Availability changes quickly-please call for current status. (931) 722-GOAT (4628)

If you are interested in our Dairy Goats for sale, Please fill out our contact form or send us an email.


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Saanen 5 does group for sale


Price: $850ea  -  Sold!!
Born: 1/29/15 to 3/4/15
Sire: Bonnie Blue Farm Curly Earl
Dam: various

This group of five Saanen does all have the allele for alpha s1 casein. They will produce milk with higher casein which increases the cheese yield. All are American Saanens and will come with application for registry. Raised on CAE prevention. Entire herd negative for CL, TB, Bruc, Johnes', Q Fever and CAE. Dams on DHI milk test. Price is $850 each or group price of $3800. (There are six in two of the pictures - one is being retained.)
Sired by BBF Curly Earl (alpha s1 B/B) AS1704948
Call or email for more information. 931 722-GOAT(4628) tanngoat@wildblue.net 

Bonnie Blue Farm Clinton Eva


Price: $750  -  Sold!!
Born: 2/21/2014
Percentage: 100%
Sire: Old English Clinton
Dam: Dry Creek Hollow Dyna Vision

Triplet does were born 2/21/2014 from an artificial insemination breeding to Old English Clinton. The dam is DynaVision AS1352115, now 10 and daughter of our original foundation doe from Redwood Hill named Scrim Lightning. All three have freshened this spring and are offered for sale. Eva AS1713371 - Clinton AS1312752 has sired many excellent does for show and production. $750

Bonnie Blue Farm CanDo Darlene


Price: $850  -  Sold!!
Born: 2/3/2013
Sire: Bonnie Blue Farm Prime Can Do
Dam: Bonnie Blue Farm Jaison Ahwene

Darlene is a daughter from Can Do, a son of Prime Rate who carried the alpha s1 allele. Easy to milk by hand or with machine.
ADGA reg# AS1673010  alpha s1 B/E  SOLD

BBF Crockett x JaneDoe


Price: $650
Born: 4/24/2014
Percentage: 100%
Sire: Bonnie Blue Farm AssetCrockett
Dam: Bonnie Blue Farm Asset JaneDoe

Dry yearling litter sister to Eamon (B/E buck for sale). Not registered or bred yet. Alpha s1 casein B/F.

Due to our location, we are able to offer Goats for Sale to people in many states.

We will accept Cash, Personal Checks with Verified funds, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Bank Transfers via PAYPAL.


Bonnie Blue Farm
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Waynesboro, Tennessee

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