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Bonnie Blue Farm DL Eskimo Pie - Hide

Bonnie Blue Farm DL Eskimo Pie  
Nubian Goat Buck
Rio del Oro's Dandy-Lion
Oak Gold Marissa Mia
Eskimo Pie is an a.i. son of the great Dandy-Lion, grandson to Frosty Marvin. He has been used to breed many does as he matured earlier than his litter brother. He is a G6S carrier. ADGA Genetics link: N00174846


Amberwood's Frosty Chancellor
Rio del Oro's Dandy-Lion
Scatterberry's Magnolia C.S.

Bonnie Blue Farm DL Eskimo Pie


Oak-Gold Double's Don Juan

Oak Gold Marissa Mia
Oak-Gold Shawna Mia


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