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Bonnie Blue Farm LTV Aaron - Hide

Bonnie Blue Farm LTV Aaron  
Reference Goat Buck
Loughlin's Talut's Victory
Dry Creek Hollow WRKA Volcano
Comments:  Volcano has been one of the most productive does in the herd. Although not the largest she comes in every milking with a beautiful, high, round udder full of milk. And it shrinks down to nothing after milking. Aaron combines genetics from of my favorite lines, Talut, Equus and Vicki's sire Mr. Peterman, litter brother to Cherrypines Stand Out.


      { Sartyr Cascade Pharoh
Briarwind Pharoh Talut
Loughlin's Talut's Victory
Briarwind Shiloh Tasmin
Loughlin's Vivacious Vicki { Cherrypines Mr Peterman
      Klisse's NL Sparkle of Hope

Bonnie Blue Farm LTV Aaron

      { Willow Run Brave Kamehameha

Willow Run Kamehameha Arizona

Dry Creek Hollow WRKA Volcano

Willow Run Dreammaker Arlene

Dry Creek Hollow Equus Storm
{ Des Ruhigestelle Equus
      Redwood Hills SCRIM Lightning


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