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Bonnie Blue Farm SB Arlo A.I. - Hide

Bonnie Blue Farm SB Arlo A.I.  
Nubian Goat Buck
Warpaint Acres Super Buck
Dry Creek Hollow Veaujolais
Comments:  We went back to the tried and true genetics of Super Buck hoping for another great producing doe but got twin bucks out of Veaujolais for the third time! We'll see if he can pass on the combination of both parents. N1538231 G6S Normal SOLD


      { Hallcienda Anthony
Hallcienda Frosty Marvin
Warpaint Acres Super Buck
Hallcienda Noel
Warpaint Acres Mindy { La Honda Springs King Cyrus
      Warpaint Acres Minnie Haha

Bonnie Blue Farm SB Arlo A.I.

      { Fra-Jac's Lord Alginon

Gegehrs Alginon's Beaujolais

Dry Creek Hollow Veaujolais

Rehers #1 Sparkle Plenty

Dry Creek Hollow Miss Manners
{ Dry Creek Hollow Lucky Strike
      Misty Knoll's PT Portia


Bonnie Blue Farm
Dry Creek Hollow Dairy Goats

Jim & Gayle Tanner
Waynesboro, Tennessee

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