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*B SG Dry Creek Hollow BPT Veintidos A.I. - AS1354467

*B SG Dry Creek Hollow BPT Veintidos A.I.  
Reference Goat Buck
+*B SG Briarwind Pharoh Talut
3*M SG Dry Creek Hollow ROL Rumble
Comments:  Dos was one of twin bucks born to Rumble via artificial insemination to Briarwind Pharoh Talut, 03 & 05 ADGA National Show Premier Sire, Sire of 6 National Show class winners, Top Ten daughters dR Elentara, dR Elessea and dR Kaza, LA appraisal 7 daughters FS 90-92, all with E mammary! 7 GCH daughters. He has been collected by BioGenics - $20/straw.
ADGA Genetics link: S001354467

Linear Appraisal Scores

LA 2005   0-4   VEcEc  V
LA 2006   1-5   +VV  85
LA 2007   2-06   VEV  87
LA 2008   3-03   VV+  86


      { ++*B Companeros Cascade
++*B Sartyr Cascade Pharoh
+*B SG Briarwind Pharoh Talut
2*M Sartyr Rhythm Philomena
7*M GCH Briarwind Shiloh Tasmin { +*B Companeros Legend Shiloh
      6*M GCH Dascan Storm Teleos

*B SG Dry Creek Hollow BPT Veintidos A.I.

      { ++*B Clovertop's Plot

++*B Rio del Oro's Legend

3*M SG Dry Creek Hollow ROL Rumble

2*M GCH Rio del Oro's Snogirl

2*M SG Redwood Hills SCRIM Lightning
{ +*B White Wave Scrimshaw
      1*M White Wave Lassen Erica


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