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Copper Hill O'Boy - N1351430

Copper Hill O'Boy  
Reference Goat Buck
Lassenwood Finnegan Ozzu
Copper Hill R Bubbles
Comments:  O'Boy came to us via John White & Eric Jermain and carries the herd name of the Nubian Breeder of Excellence, Virginia Baker's Copper Hill. He is tall and long, black roan with frosted ears. He has very nice breed character which his offspring have inherited. ADGA Genetics link: N001351430 G6S Normal - deceased

Linear Appraisal Scores

LA 2005   -5   VEcEc  Ec
LA 2006   1-6   EV+  88
LA 2007   2-07   VEV  89
LA 2008   3-04   V+V  87


      { Prairie Patch Miller
Lassenwood Miller Finnegan
Lassenwood Finnegan Ozzu
Patch Quilt Farms Finesse
Lassenwood SHRM Zenobia { +*B Sweet Harvest Rain Maker
      1*M GCH Niro Dandy's Zettie

Copper Hill O'Boy

      { ++*B GCH Copper Hill W.F. Papa Bear

*B Copper Hill Rameses

Copper Hill R Bubbles

11*M Copper Hill Winter Beauty

Copper Hill Papas Black Coffee
{ ++*B GCH Copper Hill W.F. Papa Bear
      12*M Copper Hill Brkaway's Carolina


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