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+*B SGCH Dry Creek Hollow Lucky Strike A.I. - N1073517

+*B SGCH Dry Creek Hollow Lucky Strike A.I.  
Reference Goat Buck
+*B GCH Kastdemur’s MPR Liaison
2*M Misty Knoll’s SAW Ariel
Comments:  Lucky was our first A.I. success. He came with us from CA to TN and became a Permanent Grand Champion in ‘02. He has many noteworthy half brothers and sisters from the Kastdemur’s & Lakeshore herds; Kastdemur’s LS Sonoma, GCH LJ Litany, Santa Rosa, ME Wildcat, LN Full Service (2nd place Senior Get at 2006 ADGA Nationals) and Audacity just to name a few. He has been collected and semen is available for $20/straw from Superior Semen Works.  Neg. CAE, G6S normal, DNA typed. PTI 2:1 36 1:2 56 ADGA Genetics link: N001073517

Linear Appraisal Scores

LA 2000   2-04   +EE  85
LA 2001   3-03   VVE  88
LA 2002   4-02   VEV  88
LA 2004   6-06   EEE  91
LA 2005   7-04   EEE  90
LA 2008   10-03   EEE  92


      { ++*B Brown Sugar's Trakemark N0622550
++*B GCH H.Homestead Mark of Prestige N0703475
+*B GCH Kastdemur’s MPR Liaison
GCH 7*M H. Homestead Sun Tiara N0485686
GCH 2*M Kastdemur's Royal Romance N0665060 { ++*B Ker-a-Tin Acres Royal Majesty N0480774
      *M Kastdemur's Apache Feather N0528349

+*B SGCH Dry Creek Hollow Lucky Strike A.I.

      { ++*B Wingwood Farm Blazin Tamerlane N0712111

+*B Misty Knoll's Tam Sawyer N0831674

2*M Misty Knoll’s SAW Ariel

5*M Misty Knoll's Secret Playce N0758559

GCH *M Misty Knoll's Agent's Atlanta N0740
{ +*B Misty Knoll's Secret's Agent N0683469
      Misty Knoll's Pola Diana N0676199


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