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*B Bonnie Blue Farm SO YesSir A.I. - Hide

*B Bonnie Blue Farm SO YesSir A.I.  
Reference Goat Buck
Cherrypines Stand Out
Dry Creek Hollow Equus Storm
Twin bucks from two top ranked parents. View extended pedigree: Yes-Sir & You-Bet Performance Pedigree.
ADGA Genetics Yes-Sir: S1437158 ADGA Genetics You-Bet: S1437159 has been sold.
Official notification that these two handsome bucks are on the ADGA Sire Development Program YSDP with an ETA of 127 (2:1 Production over Type) and 120 (1:2 Type over Production).
The top five young sires are sons of Cherrypines Stand Out.

Linear Appraisal Scores

LA 2010   2-05   +E+  83


      { Companeros Hallelujah Standard
Saanendoah Standard Issue
Cherrypines Stand Out
Saanendoah Shenille
Cherrypines Super Starlet { Colquitt's Wolman Jack
      Hagen's Acres Zina

*B Bonnie Blue Farm SO YesSir A.I.

      { Companeros Voice of Reason

DesRuhigestelle Equus

Dry Creek Hollow Equus Storm

DesRuhigestelle Eta

Redwood Hills SCRIM Lightning
{ White Wave Scrimshaw
      White Wave Lassen Erica


Bonnie Blue Farm
Dry Creek Hollow Dairy Goats

Jim & Gayle Tanner
Waynesboro, Tennessee

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